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Narrative & Unscripted

(2 minutes)

Compilation of visuals from narrative short films, music videos and documentary television.



Tanner Jarman is an award-winning director and producer from North Hollywood, California. His latest short, Sunny Side Up (2022), screened at Austin Film Festival and won Best Short at New York Film Week. During the height of the pandemic, Tanner released Paradise (2020), an interactive FaceTime short that premiered online via NoBudge and Film Shortage. Since releasing his multi-award winning New York University thesis film, High Hoops (2015), Tanner’s work continues to spotlight under represented characters and communities through meaningful and captivating stories.

His producing collaborations include the first season of HBO’s award-winning television series We're Here (2020), a set of New Balance campaigns for Beyond the Run (2021 - ’22), and the second season of the A24 produced, AppleTV+ architectural series, HOME (2022); directing and producing the fifth episode in Sag Harbor, Long Island. 



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